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The "Love Data Week" Raffle is Here!

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Enter to win on this form 

Must be a Stanford affiliate to enter. Stanford Libraries staff not eligible for drawing. Winners will be chosen on Friday, February 16th, at 2PM Pacific Time.

Win one of these incredible prizes!

Satellite data and images of Earth - you pick the place and time!

With special access to’s satellites, you can capture high-resolution, multi-spectral imagery of a specific area on Earth. It’s a perfect tool for a detailed Earth observation project -- or just for fun!

Cartographica Extraordinaire: The Historical Map Transformed by David Rumsey

A book of some of the finest samples from the private collection of David Rumsey

Knitted image reproduction

The Textile Makerspace will knit a two-color design of your choosing (text and/or image, up to 160 pixels wide, however long.) Who knew this was even possible?

Make a poster!

Decorate your dorm room or office with a high quality, large format poster featuring an image of your choosing from the millions of options in our digital collections and exhibits.

Time in Maps, by Kären Wigen

A book by American historian, geographer, and celebrated Stanford professor, Kären Wigen, showcases a grand tour of cartographic cultures across epochs and continents. 

Digitize this!

Got an old cassette tape, video tape, CD or floppy but no way to access it? The Libraries’ Digitization Labs have you covered! We can produce a high quality digital copy of just about any old format in your personal collection.